Quels vins (ou sans alcools) pour le diner de Noël ?

Which wines (or non-alcoholic) for Christmas dinner?

And yes, we’re STILL at that time of year when you have to choose vino for the holidays! Not to mention the anxiety of choosing a wine that won't please, won't go well with the dishes, and above all won't hurt uncle José's head enough (sorry uncles for stereotyping you, it's just a joke, but we love you anyway).

But then how to get out of it? Oysters, foie gras, game, capon, cheese, log, chocolate and other accessories that will mean you won't be able to leave the table for a week.

What to drink with oysters and seafood?

If you're still in doubt, a white wine will go well with anything from the sea: oysters, crab, lobster, periwinkles and other shrimp with a homemade mayo to die for. Without forgetting bubbles! A non-dosed brut champagne (we will talk about it in a future article), or a natural sparkling wine from the Loire or Beaujolais will delight your taste buds.

To get by with the appellations, referred to as Muscadets! Nothing could be simpler and should please everyone with their beautiful acidity and white fruits. Of course there is plenty to enjoy as long as it is dry and clean, Burgundy and Chablis with its beautiful Chardonnays, Alsace with a beautiful dry Riesling.

We recommend a white Beaujolais from Claire and Fabien Chasselay, and even their Pet Nat'!

And if you don't want to drink alcohol, we recommend an AMA, the Bi vintage with Sri Lankan lemongrass (1.5% alcohol), or the Muri Passing Clouds (0% alcohol).







What to drink with Foie Gras?

There, you say to yourself: “please don’t have a late harvest Jurançon or a Sauterne!”. The sugar+fat combo so horrible you already want to go to bed.

Rest assured! We're on the same team. So to surprise your old people, and please yourself, go for the dry white wines, the light reds with nice acidity, the bubbles! For dry white wines and bubbles you can stick to the same references as for seafood! Easy right? No need to stress! On the light red side, because we always have a guest who wants red, aim instead for a Beaujolais wine with beautiful fruity Gamays, northern Burgundy with beautiful Pinots, Alsace or even Sancerre always with Pinots. Without forgetting very beautiful bottles of Savoie or even Jura!

And why not an Orange wine? A nice maceration will have fun with the fat of the liver, and can even follow on poultry.

Alcohol-free? Carefree! we recommend an Ama Bost, jasmine tea will work wonders with foie gras (1.5% alcohol). You can always stick with Muri Passing Clouds as well or Nuala, the bubble-free version to be served at 13 degrees!







What to drink with a Capon?

Personally, I'm a fan of poultry, and if it were to be my last meal, I would eat it in every way. But to accompany it it is never easy to agree. "Purists" will bring you a good classic wine which, between the tannins and the taste of oak, will let a good 14 degrees go to your head. The nightmares!

Team white wine? Opt for an opulent white wine, from the northern Rhône valley, southern Burgundy such as Meursault, St Aubin, or even Corsica. Wines which, through their structure and their grape varieties, will let you appreciate your main course and will highlight the delicacy of the juicy flesh of this sweet capon.

Team red wine? Send wines from Languedoc, Beaujolais, the Rhône valley, the Cévennes, the Loire. In reality, ask your wine merchant for a fruity red with structure but little aging, and with very soft tannins. Do not rush in the mouth, but accompany the delicate fat of this beautiful poultry.

Here is our selection:






What to drink with a Christmas log?

And here we are again in the moment of distress of "dessert wine", even if a beautiful hillside from Layon with an acid/sugar balance could bring us close to orgasm, it is not easy to find the perfect sugar pairing+ sugar.

Personally I would let you slide on red or white, there is nothing like letting yourself be carried away by your desires after a big meal and boring political discussions. Personally I love finishing with dessert, coffee and a splash of red wine, it's totally a personal treat that prepares me for a nap marathon.

Afterwards it's the ideal time to bring out a fresh (or not) digestive. Take out the Armagnacs, Fines de Bourgogne and Pear brandies, enough to make room for the sweets that will be lying around on the table all day/evening.

Do you have anything in stock? This way!





To finish and reassure you, we advise you above all to treat yourself and make your choices according to your tastes. Remember to be kind and make fun of the traditionalists a little.

We wish you a very happy holiday season!

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