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A natural fermented drink is a magical drink, the fermentation of which is the result of the natural process of conversion of sugars into alcohol and gas by microorganisms. Yeasts and bacteria are microscopic little friends that transform sugars into alcohol and little bubbles. This is called fermentation, a natural process that takes place without the need for oxygen.

Is a natural fermented beverage always carbonated?
The answer is no. The presence or absence of gas depends on the type of fermentation, the ingredients used, the microorganisms involved in the fermentation, the duration of the fermentation and the specific process of producing the beverage. There are a wide variety of fermented beverages, each with their own characteristics in terms of flavor, texture and level of carbonation.

Here are some examples of natural fermented drinks with and without bubbles:

Beers: Beer is produced by fermenting sugars found in barley or other grains. Yeasts convert these sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Wines: Grapes or other fruits are fermented by yeasts (natural or not) to produce wine. The natural sugars in fruits are transformed into alcohol.

Ciders: Ciders are made by fermenting the juice of apples or other fruits using yeast.

Kombucha: It is a fermented beverage made from tea, sugar and a culture of bacteria and yeast called kombucha mother or scoby " s ymbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast ". Translated into French: Symbiotic Culture of Yeasts and Bacteria.
The manufacturing process is very simple. The ingredients are left to ferment for a few days, which will reduce the amount of sugar, create acidity, as well as vitamins and enzymes. 

Lacto-fermented drinks: Lacto-fermentation – or lactic fermentation – is a food preservation process which consists of letting food macerate in the absence of oxygen. This maceration will allow the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria, which are very beneficial bacteria for our body (the term “lactic acid” does not evoke lactose and therefore has no link with milk). To do this, foods naturally rich in lactic acid bacteria – mainly vegetables – will be mixed with a little salt and possibly water.
Beverages like kvass are produced by lactic acid fermentation.

These fermented drinks can be produced artisanally at home or commercially on a larger scale. Fermentation often imparts unique flavors and can also have health benefits by introducing beneficial probiotics into the drink.
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