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What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine, often called "natural wine" or "living wine", is wine produced with as little human intervention as possible. Unlike conventional wines, natural wine celebrates the purest expression of the terroir and the grapes. Natural wine growers minimize the use of chemicals and additives, instead favoring traditional winemaking methods.


Biodynamic and organic cultivation
Natural wine vineyards are often grown using biodynamic or organic practices. This means that winegrowers avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thus promoting the health of the soil and the vines, and plant plants between the rows of vines to promote biodiversity.

Manual harvest
The grapes are harvested by hand to guarantee careful selection of the bunches. This meticulous approach contributes to the quality of the grapes and, therefore, the quality of the final wine.

Spontaneous fermentation
Unlike commercial yeasts used in conventional winemaking, natural wine uses indigenous yeasts. This means that fermentation takes place spontaneously, allowing the natural characteristics of the grape to be fully expressed.

No addition of chemical additives
Natural wine growers avoid the addition of sulfites, enzymes, clarifying agents and other chemical additives often used in conventional winemaking. This gives natural wine a unique character.


Organic and biodynamic growing practices used in natural wine production are environmentally friendly. By opting for natural wine, you support sustainable agricultural practices. What's more, you reduce the intake of chemicals into your body. Which is significant for your health :)
Taste-wise, natural wine is a real representation of the terroir and the grapes. With often bolder flavors and unique aromatic profiles, natural wine offers a taste experience that defies expectations. Finally, natural wine reflects the work of the winemaker, his struggles, the very variable climatic conditions each vintage, where a conventional wine will more homogenize the flavors year after year, to keep a more constant taste. And that's what we like at Bibine Club, feeling the work of the winegrowers year after year with the ups and downs of each vintage. Because that’s also life.

In conclusion, natural wine is not just a beverage, it is a philosophy that celebrates the connection between nature, the winemaker and the consumer. By choosing natural wine, you are committing to sustainability and authenticity, while discovering flavors that captivate the senses and fuel passion for the fascinating world of wine.
Health !

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