Collection: Vino Vino

We are Vino nuts. As least interventionist as possible and well done. There are gems, wines from friends, wines from friends of friends. From Muscat to Mourvèdre, from well-known vineyards and other little-known lands, we select wines based on taste, encounters and occasions.
A collection set to grow and evolve!

Good tasting !

We have a lot of natural wines, but also wines that are well accompanied to avoid any deviation. In case of doubts, or potential deviance, we always put a little word about it in the product description or simply withdraw the wines from sale while waiting for them to be ready ;)!

PS: if you are new to natural wines, read these few words.
These are live drinks, which come from vines not treated with chemicals, with little or no added sulphites. They are also very sensitive to the lunar calendar. Drinking them on flower or fruit days will allow them to express their best potential. You can drink them on leaf days if you wish, but we advise you to avoid root days. If you want a lunar calendar, don't hesitate to send us a little message :)