Dry January ou sobriété assumée?

Dry January or assumed sobriety?

Here we are in January and for many, the desire not to drink alcohol is felt more and more.

Too much excess! We always let ourselves be influenced by family or friends during the holidays. We also say to ourselves after New Year's Eve that "it was the last time" that we start a year in a hurry, on our couch with a headache, a huge craving for junk food and totally demoralized. .

Here we are back at work, we are determined not to touch a drop of alcohol and then, BAM! Jean Christophe suggests a drink this Thursday, and we start to panic. Trust me, I know what you're going through! How can you say no with this pressure from all these people who will tell you: "Just have a drink" "Don't you drink? Are you sick? Are you pregnant?" "Are you doing dry January too? Another annoying one! hahahaha ((very fat laugh))"

First, it's more than OK to say no, and know that you're not alone. in this desire to skip alcohol temporarily or for good! Personally, I skip more and more. Especially after a very very VERY alcoholic episode which made me seriously question myself on the subject. Well, I still have cravings and I have better control over my intoxication (yes, drinking alcohol is taking drugs), but I no longer have the stress of saying no! I'm not sober all year round, but I'm getting sober more and more. I choose my moments and especially my wine and non-alcoholic wines. I'm looking for pure pleasure, and above all no more headaches and regrets.

We could freak out the brands we work with, our winegrowers who are afraid for the future. But in truth, I prefer to treat myself with a good bottle bought from a wine merchant, from a "small" winemaker (in size not in quality eh) and treat myself even if it's more expensive. Our role is to promote common sense. And I think that common sense in production, for the earth, for humans, also goes in the right direction for well-being, and therefore for more reasoned consumption! This might resonate with you, right?

With Sarah, we quickly saw alcohol-free products take off, with alternatives that were sometimes a little weird (be careful, this is a passage where I'm going to offend a few people). Gin that is not gin, whiskey that is not whiskey with wood flavors and sugar. €40 bottles of flavored water that we mix with tonic...to pretend? How sad! I found zero pleasure and, this is only my opinion , I find it almost close to a taste imposture. We can open the debate for those who wish. I'm always interested in talking.

What to drink without alcohol during Dry January?

We could quickly get caught up in the sadness of the month of January, so just not going out and drinking a Perrier or a fruit juice in your corner, I see you giving up quickly. I went through it too. Lack of sexy alternatives. But don't worry, we got your back!

Here are our recommendations :

At lunch: Treat yourself to a good hot tea (or infusion)! Tea is limitless for discoveries, and you will even find yourself becoming a geek very quickly. Plus, tea goes well with many dishes! There are also a lot of assembled pressed juices that you can find in certain restaurants and local organic shops. You can also make your own juices (with local and seasonal products).
We love Muri’s Passing Clouds ! A little bubble won't hurt.

Obviously there is a multitude of kombucha to satisfy you, and many even deliver to your home!

At dinner: Well all the same!! Afterwards there are also great low-alcohol alternatives, and we care AMA, these natural sparkling kombuchas will make you dream with their complexity. This month of January we love HIRU , a blend of white and green teas from Malawi.

What to say when you don't drink alcohol during Dry January?

Don't let yourself be intimidated and stay firm in your desire to quit alcohol!

Don't justify yourself! Anyone who justifies drinking or not drinking is looking for an excuse, or to comfort themselves. And if your friends don't like you when/if you don't drink... then maybe they're not the right ones...

Preach for kindness and remind your friends that you are still here and that at worst you will be Sam for 1 month!

What to watch during Dry January?

SWIM TUFF: If you're not into swimming, but you're lacking inspiration, we watched this inspiring documentary about Ben Tuff, a former alcoholic! For the trailer, click here .

Otherwise we are still here, and even if you feel a little lost, lots of organizations exist. And we are just a click away on the chat if needed!

Kisses and take care of yourself!

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