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FRACTAL 3.1 by Audemus Spirits

FRACTAL 3.1 by Audemus Spirits

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Audemus Spirits - Fractal 3.1

The Fractal series embodies the commitment of Audemus Spirits to create exquisite spirits, without being bound by traditional categories and rules. Fractals are not a commercial approach, but rather an artistic and creative project which favors expression and flavor above all. As limited editions, each Fractal is an entirely unique creation, which will not necessarily be reproduced.
Fractal 3.1 is the latest addition to their collection of hybrid and freestyle spirits. Inspired by Korean and Japanese soju and shochu , it is a “table spirit” specially designed to accompany bright and spicy dishes. This delicate, silky spirit is made by distilling natural Sauvignon Blanc pomace from Julien Desrante's La Part aux Groles vineyard, located in Julienne, just outside Cognac. On top of that, they add an Amalfi-style lemon peel distillate, sourced from Pépinières Vessières, located in Millas, near Perpignan.

🍸 Fractal 3.1 is not designed to have a predominant aromatic length that would interfere with the flavors and texture of dishes. Instead, when served chilled and sipped rather than drunk, it acts as a palate cleanser, coating the mouth with a delicate flavor and refreshing sensation that dissipates quickly, preparing your taste buds for the next bite.
Fractal 3.1 can also be enjoyed mixed with sparkling water (in a hard seltzer style), tonic or used as a base for low alcohol cocktails.

29.9% - 50cl
Exclusive distribution Bibine Club - Production of 72 bottles only

The Audemus distillery is a bit unusual in the Cognac region, where one usually encounters giant copper beasts that can produce hundreds of liters of their alcohol per day. In fact, there are only a handful of distilleries in the world that create their own way of doing things. Originally inspired by the enigmatic work of Sacred Spirits of London, established a few years previously, they understood the power of a small and nimble offering in the world of distilling.
Audemus operates a vacuum distillery from the distiller's lounge (Miko) in the center of Cognac. The principle of this distillation method is simple and now well documented. By lowering the pressure inside the still, they lower the temperature at which the alcohol boils – meaning they avoid cooking the botanicals they are distilling; ensuring that freshness of flavor is maintained. To distill is always to distill – to evaporate and condense; nothing more – however, it is a process that is infinitely complex in its simplicity and allows for a myriad of details.

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