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SWET - Hot Ones Challenge! (but better)

Everything you need to push your limits with friends or family: 6 natural hot sauces from the least spicy to the extremely spicy, exclusively in this box: TORTUREZ-VOUS (+/- 1 million Scoville). Everything to make yourself a hot ones!

+ A game mat with all the rules and information on the concept and sauces serving as a poster

+ lots of stickers.

Sure, it's a bit like the famous YouTube challenge you all know, but let's be honest: you don't want to spend a night interviewing your friends.

SWET therefore offers you two different ways to take on the challenge: “Truth or SWET” & “Last Survivor”, you will find all the rules in detail on the poster.

The biggest difference with other similar hot sauce packs is the quality:  SWET uses no water or oil, everything is made from fresh ingredients and they use chili peppers that they grow in Brussels and everything is made by hand in their Belgian premises.

1.2kgs of steaming bliss

Swet is a Belgian hot sauce brand that manufactures its sauces in small batches. They are made from the best possible ingredients: ripe and seasonal fruits, always fresh, sourced as much as possible from organic or local farming. They seek to develop subtle flavor profiles, using complex blends of quality spices, which they grind themselves. No powder, no flavor, no texture or color additive, ever. They want to break negative preconceived ideas about hot sauce, with a healthy, modern product that is comfortable on all tables.
The vast majority of their peppers are grown in the heart of Brussels, exclusively for them, on the roof of Bigh Farming's slaughterhouses. These peppers are fed with organic matter, without any additives or chemical treatments, and harvested from April to December. This allows them to use fresh peppers almost all year round and be ultra flexible in their production. A great push for urban optimization that we are happy to support and highlight at Bibine Club.

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