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Mezcal Real Minero de Pechuga

Mezcal Real Minero de Pechuga

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This Mezcal is a celebration mezcal. Often, Maestros set aside a batch of "Pechuga" for their friends to celebrate their death. Produced only in the fruit season, this mezcal is made after the distillation of agaves previously roasted underground, fermented naturally then distilled twice in a terracotta still (!!). For Pechuga, this mezcal is put again in the still with fruits, usually plantain, bitter apples, plums, almonds. Some add spices like cinnamon or star anise. But what makes this mezcal special is the fact of putting a chicken breast in the atmosphere of the still. The vapors from the infused mezcal will slide onto this piece of chicken after condensation. After much research, we still wonder why this is.

Don't be afraid, this mezcal doesn't taste like KFC, but like mezcal with deep aromatic notes of fruit and spice.

Can be reserved for initiates or curious novices!

🍸 A very rare mezcal, produced in micro-batches to be enjoyed alone or with a craft beer as an accompaniment. To be enjoyed well accompanied or packed away, for the more patient.

Real Minero is considered by many to be one of the best mezcal producers in the world.

70cl - 54.7%

Just like Palomo, Romain met Graziela in Oaxaca. This inspiring woman proudly carries the family know-how. For four generations, the Ángeles Carreño family has dedicated their lives to the production of mezcal, now bottled under their own brand "Real Minero". Prepared the old-fashioned way using different varieties of wild agave and cultivated in limited quantities. With more than 6 exclusive batches for Europe, all Casa Real Minero mezcals are made with the distillation system in clay pots, classifying their batches according to the type of press used, in the artisanal or ancestral category.

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