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PICAFLOR - Espadin

Agave : Espadin 🌵
Producer: Virgilio Velasco
Village: San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca.

Picaflor mezcals celebrate the hummingbird and its fundamental role in pollinating agave.
Double distilled in 350 liter copper stills, this artisanal mezcal is produced by hand in San Luis Del Rio, using traditional techniques.

🍸 Slightly smoky and well-balanced taste. Notes of passion fruit, ripe pineapple and citrus. The palate is full-bodied, with fresh tones and a grassy touch.
A tasting mezcal, to share with those you love. It will also make delicious Paloma, Mezcalita or Negroni.

70cl - 47.6%

Almost 8 years ago Romain met José Carballido known as “Pépé”, in a bar in Oaxaca. This proud and passionate Mexican lives in Barcelona and created a structure for the importation of mezcals: Enmezcalarte. Pépé and one of his Italian friends decided, after many adventures, to buy a few lots from producers with whom they had established strong ties. They regularly bottle mezcals from two producers: Virgilio Velasco in San Luis del Rio and Ramon Cruz in Mengoli de Morelos. These mezcals are traditionally produced with spontaneous natural fermentation and distilled in small 350L stills.

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