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Gin Never Never - Oyster Shell

Gin Never Never - Oyster Shell

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NEVER NEVER - Oyster Shell

Gin made from oyster shell. Yes yes !
Oyster shell is an ingredient that brings minerality and a subtle character of sea spray. Flavor supported by the carefully considered inclusion of other coastal ingredients such as the Wax Flower (Geraldton Wax) which is a small shrub endemic to Australia. We also find orch (Salt Bush) which is a rather fatty plant, Tasmanian seaweed (Tasmanian Wakame), coastal daisies and round mint (which is not mint, but a kind oregano). They also add a little white grapefruit to bring even more freshness.
Pacific oysters, from Kangaroo Island, were used in the production of gin; after their contents have been consumed at the distillery bar. The shells are then cleaned and added to the still. Only about ten shells are needed to convey the subtle flavor that is required. Their inclusion brings a vibrancy to the complexity of the gin, a silky texture and a savory note essential to communicating the coastal character that Never Never wanted to demonstrate.
Never Never Oyster Shell Gin is one of the few oyster shell gins available in the world.
On the nose, fresh sea spray, split lime leaves and fragrant grapefruit zest emerge
The palate expresses the saline and savory minerality of the oyster shell and wakame. Then notes of combava, lemongrass, pine and coriander arrive in the mid-palate.

🍸 Oyster Shell is the perfect gin for all dry martini lovers. For those who love a Gin-To, it pairs wonderfully with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a garnish of lime leaves, kaffir lime or oyster leaf.
Personally, we always leave a bottle in the freezer and it can be drunk on its own, or with a grapefruit zest.

50cl - 42%

As with many good Australian stories, Never Never began over a pint in a pub. Tim, George & Sean are three friends passionate about flavors and know-how, who decided to pool their money to buy the last piece of the puzzle: a 300 liter hybrid pot and column still, which they named Wendy. They set it up at the back of a brewery on the outskirts of Adelaide in southwest Australia, and the adventure began.
Starting a small business is not for the faint-hearted, especially in the crowded market of the modern gin scene. But while they may have chosen to step into the unknown, it wasn't without the knowledge and passion to back them up.

The obsession with Tim for distilling and brewing is hereditary – a descendant of the Gilbey family of distillers in Scotland, he was tinkering with stills and fermenters in his garden long before he had a full-scale distillery to play with.
Experience George is in finance - but don't hold that against him. Always a whiz at science, he traveled the world in search of the skill of flavor production (including lessons in brewing and distilling). He was drawn to the world of flavors and he knew that when he made his own spirits, it would be in his hometown of Adelaide, inspired by the quality craftsmanship the region is known for.
Sean comes from a hospitality background as a career bartender and passionate cook (a Masterchef contestant, yes yes!). He is well-versed in the flavor manufacturing process and has extensive marketing and brand management expertise, which stems from his work as a national ambassador for a distributor.
Never Never has grown considerably since its creation and the very small space they occupied became far too narrow for the production demands. They have built their own distillery, in McLaren Vale, which has a bar where you can come and taste gins and oysters, with breathtaking views of Never Never Land.
What is Never Never Land? The vast expanse of the Australian outback stretching beyond the horizon, from which they got their name, but also their spirit of adventure.

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