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N'ATS - Hazelnut Cream & Chocolate bean to bar

N'ATS - Hazelnut Cream & Chocolate bean to bar

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N'ATS - Hazelnuts & Chocolate bean to bar 70%
Hazelnut creams roasted and stone pressed to obtain an extraordinary texture added to a bean to bar chocolate: 70% roasted hazelnuts with 30% bar chocolate beans (of Peruvian origin).
NB: A 'bean to bar' chocolatier makes his chocolate directly from the cocoa beans he has selected, and not from melted chocolate blocks.

🔪 N'ats hazelnut and chocolate cream can be eaten on toast, in pancakes, on scoops of ice cream or can be used as a base for an ultra-indulgent hot chocolate.

100% Vegan 🌱


NATS was born from the search for more conscious, healthy and fun eating.
Created by an artisan from Barcelona, ​​he roasts the nuts himself and processes them in artisanal machines capable of making the roasted nuts release their own oil and emulsify, until forming a cream with a soft and velvety. It uses no sugars or added vegetable oils. Inside a tube of Nats you will find ONLY 100% dried fruit.
The packaging is specially designed to be taken anywhere and is made with 100% recyclable materials.
N ats these are 100% healthy, nutritious and vegan products. 100% Nuts. 100% pleasure, without the guilt.

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