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Mezcal Del Maguey - San Luis del Rio "Azul"

Mezcal Del Maguey - San Luis del Rio "Azul"

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Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal - San Luis Del Rio "Azul"

During the blue agave shortage in Jalisco in 2000-2004, truckers came to buy Espadin agaves from Paciano Cruz Nolazco in order to maintain Tequila production. With them, they brought small blue agave plants to prevent a possible shortage. 7 years later, having not come to look for mature agaves, Paciano therefore produced a mezcal with these plants, following traditional production methods. A rare opportunity to taste the intersection of the aromas of Tequila from Jalisco and mezcal from Oaxaca.
An atypical and exceptional mezcal that we really like!

70cl - 47%

Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal was created in 1998 by renowned artist Ron Cooper. Working today with 14 families in 14 different villages in Oaxaca and Puebla (Mexico), it is one of the most beautiful ranges of artisanal and ancestral mezcals.

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