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The Lutèce potion was created on a traditional base of gentian, providing a slight bitterness, associated with real fruits, herbs and plants emblematic of French cuisine, macerated in high quality neutral French alcohol: bay leaf and its spicy scent, the fruity touch of coriander, the aniseed taste of fennel, the honeyed sweetness of lime blossom, the freshness of a whole lemon, the pepperiness of pink berries...
From precise distillation, to bring out the best flavors, Lutèce was mixed with beet sugar which adds sweetness, texture and balance to the recipe.
The brand lightens the classic aperitif by reducing the level of sweetness in its recipe. More than 2/3 less sugar than traditional aperitifs on the market.

Lutèce is also a drink committed to the planet: packaging is a huge source of waste in the drinks industry. To further respect our environment, Lutèce has done things well and designed a tailor-made bottle made from 100% recycled materials.
The brand is also a member of the 1% for the Planet movement and donates 1% of its annual turnover to environmental associations. 🌱 .

🍸 Lutèce can be drunk with a tonic, as a Spritz, as a Margarita or even as a Martini. Yes yes !

Lutèce Margarita
45 ml of Lutèce , 15 ml of blanco tequila ,
20 ml of agave syrup and 20 ml of lime .

Lutèce Martini

50 ml of Lutèce , 25 ml of dry vermouth ,
1 dash of absinthe , a discarded lemon zest and an olive .

17% - 70cl

Lutèce is a tribute to Paris, to the spirit of Parisians and free souls. A new reference on the menu of terraces, bars and grocery stores in the capital, Lutèce restores the nobility of a unique art of living in the world: the aperitif.

The aperitif was imagined and created by Joshua Fontaine, an American living in Paris since 2000.
Josh discovered cooking at the age of 15. In his village restaurant, he earns his pocket money by dishwashing, becomes a waiter and learns all the basics of cooking. At 17, he headed to New York. In the early 2000s, he landed in the Lower East Side, paid for his studies by starting a bartender in a dive bar, went to learn all about good wine at the local wine merchant and found his first shakers at Double Happiness in Nolita. 2008, after New York, Paris. The time when the capital is

to cocktail culture. A revolution, with the pioneer of the movement, the Experimental Cocktail Club. Joshua will be there. He imagined his first cocktails, then joined forces with his sidekick Carina to open Candelaria, the first speakeasy in Paris. On the front side, a mini-sized taqueria where you can eat the best tacos. On the right side, a cocktail bar and sharp music make the whole world drink and dance. Other houses will follow, including the Mary Céleste, a dining bar with good oysters, where you can drink great natural wines and cocktails.

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