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KARMA VILLAGE - Karma Black (Red)

KARMA VILLAGE - Karma Black (Red)

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🍇 50 year old Syrah, Caladoc, Marselan, Grenache
Syrah in carbonic maceration with a direct press of Caladoc and an infusion of Marselan in whole clusters, vinified for 7 months in barrels. It's ripe, fruity, spicy and super drinkable. Dark color, captivating nose, full of ripe fruit but also spices. And it’s very (too) easy to drink.

🍸 To be enjoyed on a grill, red meat, game, but also grilled vegetables or a spicy Indian or Ethiopian vegetarian dish. For dessert, it goes well with a tangy lemon tart or a strawberry mousse.

Vintage 2021
75cl - 12.7%

Karma Village is a small organic vineyard of 8 hectares located in the Cèze valley, in CARME in the north of Gard, belonging to Rafaël Raybois. Its vines are typical of the Côtes du Rhône vineyard, with well-known varieties such as Syrah, Grenache or Viognier, alongside other more confidential grape varieties.
The vines flourish in a green and wooded environment, on terraced hillsides, below which flows the Cèze, a tributary of the Rhône which has its source in the Cévennes. They are cultivated using organic farming methods, without synthetic products or fertilizers: copper, sulfur, essential oils and other extracts of plant origin are the only products authorized to protect the vines from diseases. Natural fertilizers based on manure, compost and plant manure are the preferred means of maintaining soil fertility. They harvest by hand, in boxes, to take them to the cellar where they make wine in the most natural way, without resorting to foreign inputs. The bunches are pressed or vatted whole, after careful sorting, in order to deliver healthy wines, full of life, grown with respect for the soil and vinified with respect for humans!

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