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Aymeric and Jordan Amiel produce this vermouth from a late harvest of several grape varieties from the estate. The wine is then mutated during fermentation with the estate's wine brandy. The aging takes place over several years, on a solera principle (i.e. the barrel is replenished each year with the new vintage).
The nose expresses beautiful notes of rancio, characteristic of this type of wine. On the palate the wine is soft but balanced, with a lot of complexity and a very long finish.

🍸To be enjoyed alone on ice, with a slice of orange / a nice olive or with a tonic!

50cl - 17%

The Amiel estate is located in Montblanc, a small village located next to Béziers. The family has lived there for over 500 years and vines have been growing there since the 15th century.
When they settled Aymeric and Jordan Amiel immediately chose organic then biodynamic (Ecocert & Demeter certification), their 17 hectares being spread over 10 hectares of vines and 7 of spaces freely dedicated to biodiversity.
Their attention is dedicated to the soil, to the plant, to a careful selection of well-balanced and ripe grapes, harvested by hand, so that then in the cellar everything is done as simply and naturally as possible. No input of oenological products, except for a tiny and non-systematic dose of sulphite when pouring.

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