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Mezcal Del Maguey - "Minero"

Mezcal Del Maguey - "Minero"

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Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal - "Minero" Santa Catarina Minas

The village of Santa Catarina Minas identifies itself as the birthplace of ancestral mezcal. A title that may be impressive, but it is well deserved because we can trace the cultivation of agaves and the production of mezcal at least until the beginning of the Spanish occupation (maybe longer?). This village in the central valleys of the state of Oaxaca is recognized for its ancestral production methods, including distillation in terracotta stills.
Maestro Luis Carlos Vasquez masters each stage of production to perfection, from the difficult task of growing and harvesting agaves to the distillation done completely without technology, and all this with a great sense of humor!
This expression comes from Espadin agaves (a.angustifolia haw), cooked underground for 5 days. Once cooked, the agaves rest for a few days, then are crushed using wooden beaters weighing around 15kg in order to open the fibers of this plant, which once cooked gives a sweet substance that is already very pleasant to taste like this. Everything will then be fermented by adding water from the spring adjacent to the palenque .
Fermentation is spontaneous thanks to native yeasts living in the ambient air of the distillery. It will last approximately 20 to 30 days depending on the seasons. Once the fermentation is complete, Luis Carlos, always accompanied by his son Luis Carlos Junior, proceeds with the distillation. A first time with the fermentation including all the materials, in order to obtain the ordinario. Then a second time to refine the mezcal to tasting levels. Luis' mezcals are then transported to Teotitlan del Valle to be bottled by hand.

This expression is available in limited quantities, we only have 36 bottles available for all mezcal aficionados!

70cl - 50%

Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal was created in 1998 by renowned artist Ron Cooper. Working today with 14 families in 14 different villages in Oaxaca and Puebla (Mexico), it is one of the most beautiful ranges of artisanal and ancestral mezcals.

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