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SUPERSEC - Pasteli with sesame and ORGANIC chocolate

SUPERSEC - Pasteli with sesame and ORGANIC chocolate

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SUPERSEC - Pasteli with sesame and chocolate

The pasteli recipe is based on two pillars of Greek gastronomy since Antiquity: honey and sesame. They are also both ingredients with high energy and nutritional value. Making pasteli does not require any technological prowess, but a very sure hand to mix the sesame seeds with boiling honey on the cold marble, to obtain the right crunch and the right taste of caramel.
At Bibine Club we are totally addicted and it is better not to leave a package in front of us...
Ingredients: Sesame seeds* 65%, honey* 9%, dark chocolate from Ecuador*, glucose*, cane sugar*, vanilla* (products from organic farming).
Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, flour-free.

Allergens : sesame seeds, glucose

🔪 Eat as a snack, before physical activity or just when you want something sweet. We like to break it on yogurt with fresh fruit.


Superdry is all the fresh product, plus “minus the water”. They produce dry products, that is to say fresh products from which the water has been removed, improving both the prospects for conservation and the balance of the energy bill. With equal or even higher nutritional and taste values, a food without the water which weakens it sees its weight reduced by 60 to 90%. This considerably reduces the ecological footprint linked to the transport of these foods from the areas where they are best produced to the areas where they will be most consumed.
Editing is choosing. Taste, nutritional value, the story they tell, their dynamics in their ecosystem, heritage value and sustainability, are the selection criteria for their products. They respond to the new challenges that drive our food in particular and the world in general. Today, perhaps more than ever, what is good to eat must also be good to think about.

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