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The perfect gift to slip under the tree to please those you love.
It is also a great selection to enjoy with the family during holiday meals and aperitifs for a shared pleasure. 🍽️ 🍷 🎄

Clos U Suale // SIMBIOSI - 12.5%
🍸 Direct pressing, aging for 7 months on lees in stainless steel vats. 2022 is the first vintage of this vintage.
On the nose it is a very fresh wine which presents notes of white flesh fruits, citrus fruits, but also nuts. On the palate it is an explosive wine, which first presents a beautiful acidity and freshness which will be followed by a very pleasant buttery texture.
A white wine as fresh as it is structured which can be drunk as an aperitif, accompanied by asparagus, white fish or even a beautiful strawberry salad with raw cream.

Coulon family // LUBIE - 14%
🍸 Cinsault and grenache co-fermented in stoneware amphora.
The Coulon Family is a project developed by the new generation of the Beaurenard estate in Châteauneuf du Pape. The wines are 100% biodynamic certified with Demeter, purchased within a 40 km radius of the estate.
Lubie is a complex, delicious and fruity red wine which will be drunk with grilled meat or vegetables, poultry, cheeses and desserts made with cream and/or dark chocolate.

Muri // PASSING CLOUDS - less than 0.5%
🍸 Passing Clouds is made from a white currant wine, wedge kefir, jasmine tea and a woodruff and geranium kvass. It is sparkling and refreshing, with a nice acidity, a nose of flowers, honey and ripe fruit. Passing Clouds is dry but with several levels of aromas and a slightly funky vinous side.
Serve chilled in a champagne flute and enjoy as an aperitif, with seafood or hard cheese. For dessert it will work well tone-on-tone with pear or quince.

Creamy peanuts roasted and stone-pressed for a decadent texture and taste.

N'ats peanut cream is eaten on toasted toast, alone or with red fruit jam for the famous PB&J. It can also be eaten alone for a little boost of energy. Finally, it can serve as a sauce base for a typical Asian dish. We love it in peanut noodles.
100% Vegan 🌱

Sweet // FUMADO
The intensely smoky flavor of Fumado comes from Pimentòn de la Vera, this pepper is dried with green oak smoke for two weeks, right after harvest, which gives it such a rich taste. Unlike Chipotle, it is free of artificial flavors, it is pure smoke.
Eat with grilled meat or vegetables, fresh cheeses, morteau sausage or even a vegetable tart.
💪🏻 Strength: 4/10

Creamy and delicate, the country pâté with Espelette pepper from Maison Montalet will be the ideal companion to please your guests!
A treat to share as an aperitif, to the sound of cicadas or in the mountains to warm up. It works so well with the red wine “Lubie” from the Coulon family.

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