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The nose is rich with aromas of yellow fruits and very fresh. In the mouth a pleasant sensation of suppleness dominates despite the youth of the vintage. The aromas of vanilla mingle with menthol to finish with stewed yellow fruit. Very nice length

🍸 An Armagnac to enjoy alone as an aperitif or as a digestive. To be enjoyed well accompanied or packed away, for the more patient.

70cl - 48.7%

The Armagnacs from Domaine de Charron come from 100% Baco vines located on a 3 hectare plot in Perquie, in the Landes. The vines thrive on the famous tawny sands of Bas Armagnac. Born from the meeting of land and sea, these sandy and clay-siliceous soils are the personality and pride of Bas Armagnac. In order to offer the best aromas, no sugar or coloring is added to the Armagnacs. They are all raw from barrels, not reduced and aged in barrels. At Domaine de Charron, all the eaux-de-vie are currently in wood. Traditional bottling is done to order. Thanks to their authenticity, each vintage has been rewarded with one or more medals in the following competitions: Concours Général Agricole de Paris, “Talents de l'Armagnac” Eauze Competition, Bas Armagnacs Landais Competition.

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