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Houjicha is produced with “Houjicha” roasted green tea from Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. It offers enveloping notes of caramel, toasted wheat, cocoa, chicory and wood smoke. Its bubbles are soft and delicate.

🍸 Houjicha should be drunk between 9 and 11°C as an aperitif in a wine glass. It works wonderfully with rich dishes, complementing cold cuts and smoked fish, such as salami, chorizo ​​or salmon. It will also go well with a dish based on rice, bulgur or even couscous. For dessert it will work well with vanilla or choux pastry.

75ml - 1.5%

Ama is a delicious new natural fermented beverage, also called Kombucha or Pet Nat Tea. It is finely sparkling, refined and low in alcohol. These drinks have been designed to be drunk alone, to complement a pairing or a cocktail menu, without compromising on the experience.
They were created by Dani Lasa & Ramon Perisé, the R&D heads of Mugaritz. They teamed up with sommelier Sancho Rodriguez and called on tea expert Henrietta Lovell to develop extraordinary recipes.
They started in a garage in an alley in San Sebastian, working with scoby as a food. And finally, through research and experimentation, they made surprising drinks.
Pet nat teas are brewed with passion in the Spanish Basque Country with local spring water, tea and high quality herbs. Pure Basque mountain water has exceptionally low minerality and highlights the complex flavors created during fermentation.
Depending on the composition of these infusions and the action of the SCOBYs, the micro-batches are ready to be bottled between one and three weeks later, when the simple sugars, yeasts and bacteria have reached the right balance. . The closed environment of the bottle means that the bacteria are deprived of air and unable to excessively acidify the drink. Yeasts, for their part, continue to transform simple sugars into bubbles. As the bubbles mature, they decrease in size, becoming more integrated into the liquid. The aromas intensify, the flavors harmonize and the mouth becomes silky. The kombucha is released to the market after a minimum of six months of aging in the bottle. When it is more rounded and each brew has developed a distinct character that results in an exceptional drinking experience.
Brewers recommend serving it like a good wine, champagne or even craft beer. As an aperitif or as an integral part of the menu.
Serve in a wine glass between 9 & 11°C.

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