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SWET - Tsurai

Kimchi-based chili sauce by SWET x UMAMIDO, Brussels, Belgium.

Umamido is the best address for good ramen in Brussels. Everything is homemade, by hand, with the best fresh ingredients. They have been making their kimchi for 9 years with the same patience and the same recipe: each new batch begins with part of the previous one, the fermentation continues like this, from the beginning.

It is therefore to celebrate the 9th anniversary of this kimchi that SWET and UMAMIDO have developed a magic sauce called TSURAI, in ultra limited quantities.
After several weeks of research, the recipe emerged: kimchi, local ripe pear, Brussels habaneros marinated for 6 months in organic alcohol vinegar, and artisanal white miso.
A subtle balance between the complexity of fermentation, the sweetness of pears and the pepper of habaneros, to highlight the intense taste of kimchi.

A wave of flavor, ready to serve!
Ingredients: Umamido Kimchi (cabbage, salt, carrot, onion, shrimp, chili pepper, ginger, sugar, water, anchovies, garlic, wheat, alcohol, sea salt, oyster), Pears, White vinegar, Habanero, White miso (soybeans) , rice, salt, alcohol)

🔪 Tsurai goes wonderfully with dishes based on rice, fish, roasted vegetables with soy & sesame sauce or even tacos. YUP.

💪🏻 Strength: 5/10


Swet is a Belgian hot sauce brand that manufactures its sauces in small batches. They are made from the best possible ingredients: ripe and seasonal fruits, always fresh, sourced as much as possible from organic or local farming. They seek to develop subtle flavor profiles, using complex blends of quality spices, which they grind themselves. No powder, no flavor, no texture or color additive, ever. They want to break negative preconceived ideas about hot sauce, with a healthy, modern product that is comfortable on all tables.
The vast majority of their peppers are grown in the heart of Brussels, exclusively for them, on the roof of Bigh Farming's slaughterhouses. These peppers are fed with organic matter, without any additives or chemical treatments, and harvested from April to December. This allows them to use fresh peppers almost all year round and be ultra flexible in their production. A great push for urban optimization that we are happy to support and highlight at Bibine Club.

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