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SAB'S - La Poire

SAB'S - La Poire

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SAB'S - La Poire

Eau de vie of South Burgundy Williams Pears, stemmed and seeded to keep only the fruit. Steam Distillation.
Powerful nose, we perceive perfectly ripe pear, a shower of fresh fruit notes, then pepper and a long vanilla finish. On the palate, Pear is an original, straight and frank alcohol. It maintains the perfect balance between structure and aromatic nature until the end.

🍸 To consume as a digestive or as an aperitif with a tonic.

50cl - 46%

It's already been four years since our friend Mat' Sabbagh aka Sab's, took over the Pigneret family's traveling still in Beaune. Through perseverance and passion, he revives the village squares of this beautiful Burgundy that we adore, bringing together the winegrowers for a morning snack next to the still which distills lees and marc from the end of the harvest until the end of winter.

The profession of distiller and itinerant distiller is in the process of disappearing. Fifty years ago, there was one distiller per village in Burgundy. Today, there are only around ten left to perpetuate this tradition.
Sab's is the last traveling still in Burgundy, it distills all the best grapes of the region. The Distillery is based in Beaune, capital of great Burgundy wines. After the sale of the wines, they begin the winter tour which takes them from Paris hospital to Pommard, via Moroges.

They distill the marcs and wine lees from the most beautiful terroirs of Burgundy. They are also among the last to produce the AOC Marc de Bourgogne and Fine de Bourgogne.

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