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Mezcal Palomo 100% Espadín

Mezcal Palomo 100% Espadín

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PALOMO - 100% Espadin

Agave: Espadin 🌵
Producer: Carlos Mendez Blas
Town: Santiago Matatlan

🍸 On the nose this mezcal offers aromas of cooked agave, citrus and a slight smoky note. A characteristic profile of the village where it is produced, the world capital of mezcal.
A versatile mezcal that can be drunk alone as a tasting or in cocktails: margarita, negroni, paloma...

70cl - 46%

For almost 13 years, we have evolved within a community dedicated to sharing mezcal. Our collaboration with Palomo and Carlos Mendes Blas is the fruit of long years of friendship and respect for the culture that surrounds this magical liquid. Carlos is the third generation, growing the family production founded in 1930. They also produce on contract for a few aficionados wishing to launch their brand, riding the current wave. But aside from that, Carlos and his family produce a range of fine and delicious traditional mezcals. It was important for us to be able to work directly with local producers, under their labels. The collection will grow according to the allocations we receive, while the 100% espadin vintage will be permanent.

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