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KALIOS - Eggplant Mezze

KALIOS - Eggplant Mezze

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KALIOS - Eggplant Mezze

Smoked eggplant meze is produced in Greece: it is made from local, seasonal ingredients and in small batches for more environmentally friendly production.
Eggplants are roasted at a high temperature to achieve an initial smoky flavor. The skin is then completely peeled and they keep the most tender and juicy part of the vegetable. Finally, they marinate the eggplant pulp with vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic with a secret ingredient so that the smoky flavor is present in the mouth.

🔪 Eggplant mezé is ideal on grilled pita bread, breadsticks, with raw vegetables, labneh or hard cheeses. 


At Kalios, they promote their know-how in their two professions: the production of olives and olive oil, as well as the sourcing of the best of the Greek region.
Uncle Aris takes care of all the production on site in Greece. From November to January, they pick their olives by hand while respecting Greek artisanal know-how. Each of their oils is sponsored by a great chef who uses it daily in his kitchen: Juan Arbelaez for the ORGANIC vintage, Christophe Aribert for the 01 vintage, Eric Guerin for the 02 vintage and Amandine Chaignot for the 03 vintage.
They have chosen to develop their range of delicatessen products in close collaboration with small artisanal Greek producers, particularly in the development of recipes.

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