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BALDORIA - Vermouth Bitter

BALDORIA - Vermouth Bitter

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BALDORIA - Vermouth Bitter 

Combining the four absinthes which constitute the base of Baldoria vermouth, with the herbaceous bitterness of mate, Baldoria Bitter is certainly bitter, but perfectly balanced.

🍸 One of the best ways to enjoy this vermouth is on the rocks, with a twist of grapefruit. It also works really well in a paloma, spritz or negroni.

75cl - 18%

Baldoria is a brand of French origin, creator of both traditional and modern vermouths, created in collaboration with the superb Argala distillery in Boves, in Italian Piedmont. They have created an inspiring and aromatic collection by bridging gastronomy and the world of creative cocktails. Their range offers both classic and innovative vermouth, offering aromas that are still little known. In season they go to collect herbs in the surrounding hills while benefiting from the distillery garden which provides a large part of the aromatic herbs and vegetables!

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